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One that applies, as for a job. [Middle English, from Latin applicāns, present participle of applicāre, to affix; see apply.]. ​applicant (for something) a person who makes a formal request for something (= applies for it), especially for a job, a place at a college or university, etc. From Longman Business Dictionaryapplicantap‧pli‧cant /ˈæplɪkənt/ noun [countable]1a person who applies for a job or a place at a university, or for official. Applicant for employment definition · Applicant for employment means a person applying or attempting to apply for a position as an employee. · Applicant for. Applicant definition: a person who applies for or requests something; a candidate a person who applies, as for a job, grant, support, etc; candidate.

Definition. Not able to contact ‐ 2 or more Not best qualified. While applicant met minimum qualifications, there are other applicants Declined job offer. An applicant for a job or position is someone who applies for it. We've had many applicants for these positions. American English: applicant /ˈæplɪkənt/. An applicant is someone who signs up or applies for something. A job applicant for example, often fills out a form and then interviews for the position she. 1. The applicants were called for a skills assessment test. · 2. We can't accept more applicants for the job. · 3. The indecisive job applicant was afraid to. An applicant pool is a group of candidates who have applied for a particular role. It is also known as a hiring pool or a candidate pool. It's formed of anyone. an applicant who is being considered for a job. Applicant is an individual who applies for a post of employment at a certain employers' facilities by going through the hiring process, usually defined by the. A person who applies for employment, help, etc. Webster's New World. One who applies for or requests something. Recruitment is the process of actively seeking out, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. The recruitment definition includes the entire. According to the UGESP clarification, federal agencies defined "applicant" broadly as "a person who has indicated an interest in being considered for. Job analysis is a first step toward creating a job description and job specification. The job specification is a statement of employee characteristics and.

Definition of Applicant Pool: An applicant pool consists of all the applicants who are applying for a particular position at an organization. The size of an. Business a person who applies for a post of employment. Click for pronunciations, examples sentences, video. a person who formally requests something, especially a job, or to study at a college or university: How many applicants did you have for the job? SMART. There are usually four parts of a job application: Personal information; Employment information, also called work history; Education and training; References. An applicant is a candidate who has applied to a specific open job. Rather than view applicants through the lens of the individual, it may help to view. Reflections on the EEOC's Definition of Online Job Applicant · The employer must have acted to fill a particular position. · The individual in question must. An applicant is a person who submits an application for a job, typically in response to a job posting. They are often a stranger to the potential employer and. According to the UGESP clarification, federal agencies defined "applicant" broadly as "a person who has indicated an interest in being considered for. What is another word for job applicant? ; prospective student · office seeker ; job seeker · job hunter ; rival · opponent ; athlete · racer ; sportsperson.

The applicant-to-hire ratio is the number of applicants a job Definition of Applicant-to-Hire Ratio: In hiring criteria to filter candidates, like pre-. An applicant is a person who makes a formal application for something; the term applicant is often used to refer to those who apply for a job. A candidate in recruitment refers to an individual who is being considered for a specific job or position within a company or organization. This term is. The applicant number indicates the number of people who started applying for a job through USAJOBS and continued to the hiring agency to finish the. If a job seeker possesses the basic qualifications, and you consider them, the job seeker becomes an applicant unless they remove themselves from consideration.

a person who makes a formal request for something (= applies for it), especially for a job, admission to (= permission to enter) a college or university. In broad terms, candidate experience can boost or decrease an applicant's opinion of the hiring company for reasons that may have little to do with the actual. A job interview is an interview consisting of a conversation between a job applicant and a representative of an employer which is conducted to assess.

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